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Made in Canada

HypDry Thermal Underwear Pants  

HypDry Thermal Underwear Pants


  • HypDry Thermal Underwear Pants

HypDry Thermal Underwear Pants

  • Medium fabric
  • The HypDry technology is designed to fit several different types of occupations such as more intense winter activities like jogging, mountain running, snowshoeing and even for off-trail motorized activities and also less intense activities practiced between 10 ° C to -10 ° C, such as hunting, fishing and much more
  • The extensible design 4-way improves mobility in all directions
  • The moisture management system removed the sweat away of the body and then favor a quick drying of the fabric
  • The anti-odor technology prevents the growth of micro- organisms responsible for odors
  • Ergonomic shape for better adaptation for the task at hand
  • Soft touch flat seams that prevent friction
  • Pants adjusted for better technical performance
HypDry Thermal Underwear Pantssupprimer

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