Wind Pro

The Polartec Wind Pro is 95% windproof and retains heat while maintaining breathability. Its fibers are durable and maintain their insulating properties even after several washes.


LYCRA® SPORT fabrics are branded performance fabrics designed specifically to support athletes and active people in their sporting activities.  LYCRA® SPORT fabric combines stretch fiber technology and demanding fabric performance testing standards, resulting from years of innovation and textile science in the world of sport. The use of LYCRA® fiber pioneered the engineering of movement in textiles.  LYCRA® SPORT fabrics deliver a range of stretch and recovery power designed to help consumers move and perform at their best, while feeling comfortable.

PowerStretch Tm

The HYPNOSE accessories are made of Power Stretch and offer a comfortable fit. With their unique patented construction, they offer durability and scratch resistance. The soft inside polyester repels humidity and keeps you warm and dry. The Power Stretch is ideal for all sports, giving you the flexibility and stretch needed even under extreme temperature.


This fabric is using uniquely cross-section fiber, that sweat and moisture will be pulled from skin surface very quickly and extend the wet surface area of fabric much wider than general fiber, enable sweat for air dry and evaporated very quickly to prevent clothes from sticking to the body.


The HypDry collection is made of a fabric composed of microfiber polyester and Lycra it’s an high performance medium weight fabric. Known for its softness and its practical qualities, the HypDry fabric can also reject moisture faster than any other fiber of the same category which will keep you dry and assured your comfort during your outdoor activities. Its antibacterial treatment of high performance delays the onset of bad odors. The extensible design 4-way improves comfort and helps maintain its shape and remains in place during activities practiced. The HypDry technology is designed to fit several different types of occupations such as more intense winter activities like jogging, mountain running, snowshoeing and even for off-trail motorized activities but also for less intense activities performed between 10 ° C to -10 ° C, such as hunting, fishing and more.

Our collections

Collection BanditTM Bandit Balaclavas Zip Bandit Balaclavas Zip
  • S, L
  • Color(s) : Black
From : 44.95 $
Collection Quick DryTM QuickDry Underwear Pants QuickDry Underwear Pants
  • XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
  • Color(s) : Mixed Pine 43Horizon 41
From : 49.95 $
Collection Squall LightTM Hood Rafale Light Hood Rafale Light
  • One size
  • Color(s) : Mixed Pine 43MC2 PINKHorizon 41
From : 24.95 $
Collection HypdryTM HypDry Neck Warmer HypDry Neck Warmer
  • Junior, Adult
  • Color(s) : BlackPink
From : 22.95 $
Collection RafaleTM Rafales Thermal Underwear Tops For Men Rafales Thermal Underwear Tops For Men
  • XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL,...
  • Color(s) : Black
From : 94.95 $

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